Principal's Welcome

Welcome, Bienvenue, Oki!

Here’s to another awesome year at Milo Community School! We are proud of our school and are excited about experiencing what is possible for learning!
We are a friendly, family-centered, creative, globally-focused school and we desire most of all for students to discover their unique potential as human beings. We hope for our students to love learning, to enjoy collaborating with one another and to try their best in order to become contributors in our community and hopefully in the world.

We are becoming an International Baccalaureate School in grades 1-6, which will focus on global awareness, critical and creative thinking, reflection and collaboration, through inquiry. Students will be learning through inquiry and projects, connecting learning across themes within the curriculum and discovering how to become the best learner they can be through developing the IB Profile.

This year our school’s theme is “AIM FOR THE STARS”. We will challenge you to think about the different aims you have and how you will achieve your goals. Remember you are all capable of greatness and have so much potential within you. We will strive to EMPOWER LIFELONG LEARNERS by challenging students to reach academic excellence, develop compassion through leadership and build skills required for life! We look forward to learning alongside you! Have a fabulous year… let’s make this one epic!


Ms. Rachelle Prud’Homme, Principal

Milo School Handbook

To view a copy of the Milo School handbook please click here.