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Be Brave - Hitmen Game for Pink Shirt Day (Tuesday)!

Milo Community School is proud to honour Pink Shirt Day with the Calgary Hitmen Anti-Bullying hockey game.

*Please note: we will leave as soon as all of our buses arrive; students will be home by the end of the regular school day. ALL STUDENTS WILL ALSO RECEIVE A FREE PINK SHIRT! Please send food for your child (no microwaves), if you send money please be aware of the options below


Lunches: - Students are welcome to bring their lunches and eat them in their seats - Please avoid bringing glass bottles / containers - Lunch tables will not be available –

Additional Food and Beverage Options:

- Hot dog, large popcorn, and a 24 oz fountain pop

- $12.00 Combo (This will be available in the Centre ice locations and all 4 Timeouts) – see concourse map

- Mac and cheese available at the Mac Shack Section 201

- Tim Hortons cart available around section 213/14 Test Kitchen Menu

- Section 227 (see concourse map) 2B salad $7.50 (Mixed greens with blue cheese, beets, citrus, crispy onions and mustard Vinaigrette - Add chicken $4.00)

-Caesar salad $9.00 (Crisp romaine, herb croutons, creamy dressing and shredded Parmesan -Add chicken breast $4.00

-Pesto penne $9.50 (Penne pasta tossed in pesto with cherry tomatoes and Roasted peppers - Add chicken breast $4.00)

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