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Welcome Back to Milo School!

We are privileged to be serving you as Principal and Vice Principal for 2015-16. As Principal, Ms. Rachelle Prud’Homme has a passion for learning and for designing ways for others to realize their potential. She comes from Calgary and has taught in Edmonton, Ottawa, Ethiopia, and Japan from Kindergarten to adult-aged students across subjects. Ms. Rusty Tannant, our Vice Principal, has come to us from Vancouver Island with an area of expertise in Science, Math, and Project-Based Learning. She has a passion for reading to the point where she has over 1000 books on her e-Reader. 

This year we are excited to share with you a new school mission and vision to support our International Baccalaureate program.   As an IB candidate school, we strive to be an engaging, collaborative, and global community. The IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) will be implemented in grades 1-3 this year, while its methods and values will be carried across the school in various projects and initiatives.

Milo school’s mission is “Empowering Lifelong Learners”.  

We believe in:

  • High expectations
  • Student leadership
  • Family values

As a learning community we value:

  • Student diversity
  • Active inquiry
  • Reflective practices

Our school’s year theme is: “Dare to Dream.”

We will encourage and challenge students to dream of their personal potential, and to dare to become leaders in our world.

New in our programming this year:

  • Subject teachers in grades 4-9
  • New learning opportunities
    • BAND & ART for grades 5-9
    • CTS for gr. 7-9
  • Dream Teams (Cross-Grade Family Groups)
  • FLEX time (Reflection, self-assessment, goal setting, and special projects)
  • EXPLORE IT (Exploring Literacy through variety, choice, and self-assessment)
    • Reading: Ms Tannant
    • Writing: Mrs. Holgate
    • Mix: Ms Smith
  • Learning Commons (Library and Research Centre)
  • Makerspace (Technology & Design Space)
  • Leadership Projects for Grades 4-9
  • Rotating 4-day schedule!

We would like to thank you for all of your support in your child’s learning, and we look forward to working together to ensure your child’s success. 

We appreciate your patience during the next few weeks as we find our way through these new initiatives.


Ms. Rachelle Prud’Homme                                        

Principal (Based in Arrowwood)  

Ms. Rusty Tannant

Vice Principal(Based in Milo)                            


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