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Milo Community School presents "Christmas Castaways"

The Christmas Castaways

The Christmas Castaways

The Milo School annual Christmas Production took place Tuesday, December 15th to a standing room only crowd. The title of the play was "The Christmas Castaways" and the appreciative audience was treated to scenes and songs of Christmas celebrations around the world. The program started with a display of Native Dancing featuring 5 Milo Students from the Siksika Nation. The grade 6-9 band proudly showed off their new instruments and gave a demonstration of the different sounds. Our grade 3-5 music class played 2 Christmas songs on the boom-whackers as well. After visiting the Ukraine, Mexico, Whoville and Hawaii the real reason for the season was presented in the Nativity featuring the kindergarten and pre-school students along with students from grades 4-6. 



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